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Kirmse, Marguerite

A native of Bournemouth, England, Kirmse completed her education in London where she studied art and music. She was an accomplished musician and she used this talent to support herself by playing the harp. However, she soon realized that her true passion lay in drawing and she set aside the harp and picked up the pencil instead.

Kirmse's love of animals led her to the London Zoo and she spent many hours there to practice drawing anatomy. Eventually, the London Zoo was replaced by the Bronx Zoo as she made her home in New York. Kirmse became a superb draftsperson and her animal portraits were imbued with elegance. It was a natural evolution for her to apply this creative talent toward a career as a canine artist.

Kirmse spent the 1930's in America where she gained immense popularity with her prints and drawings of dogs, particularly Scottie Dogs. Despite the Great Depression, Kirmse's artwork found a large following and she was able to purchase and maintain a farm and kennel in Connecticut where she bred various terriers and field dogs. Her work became sought after throughout the United States and Europe.

The charm and personality of her four footed subjects are reflected in each example of Kirmse's work.

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